Disney Heroes: Battle Mode Recenzje App

Im not sure if to play..

I think it looks like a fun game I really do! But im not sure if some of my favorite :( least loved characters are there! And I know that sounds like a silly excuse but i have been disappointed by other disney games that dont have my fav characters!!!! If u feel my pain write a review saying #noonegetsleftbehind! ;) :( and if ur wondering what characters u will probably laugh at me lol but it is *whispers* BYEEEEEE

Disney should be ashamed

This game blows. In their arena, I defeated an opponent. Yet when I played the same opponent I lost. Just ten minutes later. Best part, I am 1000 points higher in power. Companies who do not believe in math then should not be paid.

Good for kids

Overall good for children and a great collecting game if you love Disney characters. Story plot is also unique!


I love it

Hour of play

Cool so far

Fun so far!

Just started playing, I enjoy it. More reviews to come.

Good, but gets old

I loved this game when I first downloaded, it was funny, cool, creative, everything you’d want in a Disney game. But after a week, each battle just felt the same... boring, and predictable.

Amazing Game So Far

I’ve only played this for not even a full day but it’s amazing! My only complaint is that it needs more characters

Fun game

Just started playing it buts it’s pretty fun so far!

Deletes progress sometimes

Fun game with lots of fun Disney lore tucked in everywhere, but I’ve lost multiple rounds of progress from having my save rolled back while playing on a slightly spotty internet connection.

Fun but VERY hard

This is a really fun and creative game. After trying for SO long to find a GOOD game on the App Store that DOESN’T cost money, I had found it. My holy grail. That is, until I realized how hard it was. This is definitely made for old-school gaming fans, and while I am not one of them, I understand how hard early games were. And OH BOY, is this a doozy. To be honest, the first few chapters are pretty easy. Nothing too bad. But then, out of nowhere, the simple advancement of ONE level, ONE chapter, made this possibly one of the hardest games I have ever played. I spend WEEKS, MONTHS, on ONE LEVEL. ONE!!!!!!!! It is SO FRUSTRATING! I want to focus on the story, the really good story, in both the Normal Campaign and Friend campaigns. I want an easier game, where they tell you the opposing team’s level in campaigns. I want them to tell you EXACTLY how to improve your team when they say you must give the character a badge that is only available when they’re Level 50 and they’re Level 46. I want REAL tips, REAL chances to beat this otherwise wonderfully executed and written game. Hopefully I’ll get what I wish for. -Gabbi The Alicorn

Disgusting money grab

Game starts with a sales pitch every time, and doesn’t stop after the splash screen. $5 here and there and your kid’s allowance is gone in a day. It’s also the horrible message “buy success, don’t persist and earn it.” The artwork is good but no excuse for the above. The game quite accessible for children and not challenging. Disney should not have put a team of accountants, marketeers, and sales people in charge of game design.

It’s good so far

I hope I get scar tbh

Who is good with who

Instead of adding new characters and tell us who is good with who

Be prepared to spend money

The new characters never end and are 99.00 a piece plus upgrading g them stay away if you do not want to spend money

This Game Is Gucci Gang

The title is what the game is

New update is bad

I love this game!! But, I started working on the ‘challenges’ last night and woke up to find that over half of my progress on each challenge was gone. 11 purple chips went down to 3. Lost 2000 guild points. These are already hard to do in a week without having to basically start over. Please fix!

Very friendly towards free to play players

I’ve been a free to play player for since it’s release a year ago and I have to say that I’ve been able to unlock nearly all of the Disney characters that have been released without spending a dime and the rewards for participating in ranked modes are generous. Not to mention that older characters are still just as viable as the newer characters. Teams with good compositions can very well beat a team that is twice or even three times their power level. I have recently decided to spend a couple of dollars on this game as well, but that is only because this game has shown to be a fun experience. I recommend it to anyone looking for a fun rpg.




Star wars please...

I spent so much real money yet all these updates won’t let me play the game

Don’t get this gAme it’s for chumps

Pretty Good

Its a good game. Cute for my son and interesting enough to give me plenty of play time.

Great G A M E

Download THIS game NOW it is awesome,addictive , all your favorite characters are at the tip of fingers and dominate your ENEMIES.

How about a refund?

After literally spending *months* and almost $50 of actual money to purchase diamonds to buy stamina so I could promote and level up the skills of every hero in the Sulley and Buzz friend campaign, only to repeatedly be thwarted because it was made nearly impossible, this update now makes that mission EASY. I was grinding that mission for months, wasting money, for you developers to turn it into a GIMME at the last minute?! I want a refund!

Nostalgia is the only plus

Stop adding features and improve the existing ones


Let me start by saying I absolutely love this game but it is definitely pay to win. The best players drop 100s a week or else their rank falls. There are also contests that are impossible unless u pay but luckily many are for everyone. And one last thing the chat can be inappropriate so I want to warn u before u get for a child. It is not horrible but can get pretty bad. Overall it is a great game with the only problem being greedy devs. But I guess they have to and it is still playable Personally I spent $20 and am doing well enough since I started when my server was pretty new. I’m in the 1st place guild on server 10. Sincerely, a kingdom fighter member was on server 10.

Pedophiles on this game!

My 8 year old son was playing this game and and a man named Governor Triton private messaged him and asked him to keep a secret, told him that he liked being in relationships with children and asked if he could kiss him and if my son would touch his p****. DISGUSTING PERVERT! Protect your children delete this!

This game is amazing

This game is really fun and really enjoy it.i play it everyday even when I’m grounded.its hard to resist playing this game

Great game

So everytime I get a app I enjoy they either stop the app or somehow manage to reset my account this game is my favorite of all time please do not stop Disney hero’s it’s the greatest idea ever and such an amazing game

Bring in the deep pockets and fat wallet

This free game will make you crave those diamonds to get the cool stuff. It’s a very entertaining game and has multiple things that you can do but obviously, if you want to keep playing you’ll be paying.


I love love love this game! So addicting and fun! Easy to play yet challenging at the same time! My 4 year old even knows how to play.. My only complaint is I’ve opened roughly 100 diamond crates and never get hero’s unless I’ve already unlocked them other ways.. mostly just badges! Which is sad but I still love it.

Best Disney fighting game in the universe

Bring in the Disney Princesses but in their Once Upon a Time selves, also give the characters the ability to switch between their original selves and their Once Upon A Time selves if they have one. Also bring in characters from Disney Channel shows and movies.


Great game enjoying it plenty

Fix It

It’s hard to learn how to play the game with no tutorial or guidance markers.

Agree with the 1st comment!

This game would be great if they got rid of the chat popping up every few seconds!

I love this game.

This game is amazing I only downloaded it because my friends told me too it’s amazing how good it is you know you don’t find games this good these days it’s really fun for 10 and up

Remove the Heist

It’s a great game except for the Heist. Everybody hates doing it because it’s redundant and takes a lot of time. The game was fine without it.

Fun but...

I have played for quite a while and enjoy the game, simple, fun, time killer. But I’m getting disgusted by the new Infected areas power. It’s just not balanced to the game play and it’s unfair to all players . I would hope the team addresses this and I will change my rating if they do.


Real & angry review: I play nearly daily and for the past week since beginning, there’s a crash or bug that causes the progress you make to RESET! It’s ANNOYING. I’ll level up characters, purchase energy, diamonds etc. and it will all reset and I have to either redo the process or abandon the game in hopes you guys care enough to fix it. PLEASE??? It’s definitely worth 4-5 stars but until the bug is fixed, it’s honestly not worth investing your time into.. disappointing.

This is a great game

Best game that I have played!!! I recommend to 6-18 years olds

Fun but..

It’s a really fun game but MONEY.. Seriously everything is about spending money and I keep getting spam notifications to spend $50 and stuff which is just outrageous and annoying to the point that i turned off notifications for the game..

Minimal instructions. Need it to b detailed.

Bit confusing. Instructions are minimalistic. Have to play to explore the features available. Like i still don’t know if i should just conquer the cities all of them at once or wait for something or what?


I love it you should get Rapunzel in the game

Love game

I love the game but u need to add a few people you need to add baymax and the girl from Aladdin, the emperor and the the dog, pig from toy story. Just saying reply if u wanna add 😃


I just spent over a half an hour on a survey and then it “redirected “me and froze. I wasted a over a half an hour for nothing. The game it’s self is cool, but that was ridiculous and upsetting

It’s fun but...

So I enjoy the game and I have progressed quite a bit just by playing a couple of times per day for a few minutes. I completely understand that new games are going the DLC way to purchase virtual power ups. personally I am old fashioned so I don’t like spending on add-one, but I am OK if it’s the main thing, like the good old days. With that being said, it’s nice that there are 3 options for earning diamonds BUT! - Fyber is full of spam and potential scams. - tapjoy doesn’t work at all - theorem reach seems to crash halfway through the surveys. Also it’d be nice if O could rotate to portrait mode. aside from those issues, the game itself is fun.

I used to. Not anymore

I used to Love this game but now I think it’s ridiculous.i play it sometimes and well. I used to like it. Not anymore

Pay to win

This game is another hero collector that revolves around “diamonds” as the main currency. I say that because of how difficult it is to accumulate many of the other resources as a free player, and it is absolutely unreasonable how difficult it is to progress through the game without spending hundreds, even thousands of dollars. So unless you don’t mind spending a ridiculous amount of money on a mobile game, do not try this.


Love this game!

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