Disney Heroes: Battle Mode App Reviews

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Okay game, horrible chat

Stay away from the chat function. The players seem to be edgy 10 y.o.s with no social skills. Well, the game is barely okay. No way to buy raid tickets so you have to watch the same battle 50 times to win one item. The person that thought staring at the same battle all day on a phone is a retarded genius. It’s a retarded idea, but people pay for that experience for some stupid reason so it’s genius. Glad I didn’t pay. What a waste of money. Just like 90% of mobile games, it gets boring after 15 - 20 minutes. There might be some excitement over new characters, but it gets old and boring quick.

The game is a lot of fun

The game is really easy and fun to get started with doesn’t take too much time for you to start getting the hang of it the only annoying thing is the chat. If you love Disney you’ll love this game but not all the Disney character in this game at least not yet.

What with the VIP benefits

I love the game. But, the VIP benefit is annoying. Can u plz cut some lack on how it is applied to make it more enjoyable.

Very fun - requires lots of patience or money

The game play is more about the collecting and planning for the best way improve your heroes, not as much the actual in-game battles. If you like to plan min/max strategies, this is a great title. Be aware, this is a free to play game with time-sinks designed to limit daily progress. The business model is to make the game enticing enough to get you to spend money on in-app purchases to reduce the time-sinks. If you are OK with spending money, or have patience to make slow steady progress, this is a really fun game. Plus - Disney characters! Note: There were some problems with the reward systems early on, but the developers have made changes to correct the issue and are actively working to reimburse missed rewards.

Reward System (Now Fixed/Updated)

I really enjoy this game, and have put a fair bit of money into it. However, I recently found out that the reward system for pvp modes, is completely and undeniably unfair. You are randomly assigned one of three values when you make your account that will determine the amount of rewards (particularly with diamonds; the premium game currency) you get for these modes (the lowest value is only 10% of the highest value). I have the ten percent value and after doing some calculations with my guildmates, we have determined that I (and many others in my guild) have missed out on around 10,000 diamonds from daily and promotional arena and coliseum rewards in just the past 45 days (which some players do get for no other reason than chance). What bothers me even more is that everyones rewards in server one, the original server, are the same (why couldn’t they have just continued with that system?). Perblue please fix this and consider providing compensation for the dedicated players who have fallen victim to this. It has greatly discouraged some of my guildmates and I from spending on this game. EDIT: PvP rewards going forward have been fixed and compensation has started. I kinda doubt I’ll get back all the diamonds I missed (we’ll see), but this is a great improvement.

Carshes. Crashes

It doesn’t even open: when it opens there comes a black screen n then it crashes

Great game but needs an update

It’s a really great game, but there tons of more Disney hero’s and characters that are not in the game, but should be added

More heroes

I think Disney heroes is fun.but the game is lacking heroes there needs to be more heroes to choose from like Moana or frozen or Rattattouie


This game is very very and I mean very good this one on my favorites...oh and did I meantion it’s a very good game.

Cool gamE

Its cool

Online Chat/ Dating

This game is amazing. I’m a big fan of Disney. My kids too, My kids and I are in the same guild I made. But now my kids are starting to not like this game. The reason is because of the chat. This in game chat is turning into an Online Dating game on ROBLOX. My seven and eight year old children are getting requests to be people’s girlfriends and share their location. They are also being picked on because they have a “Weird avatar”. I have done multiple social experiment’s by asking people to be my girlfriend and yet they all say YES. This Chat is hurting kids everywhere and does not influence that this game IS A MADE BY DISNEY EMPLOYEES, AND THE MULTIPLE AGES PLAY THIS GAME. This is Per Blue’s fault this it’s happening, but soon I bet people are going to start COMMITTING SUICIDED because of the chat. This game is fun but the fact it’s turning into an online dating chat makes the game terrible.


Fun fun fun fun fun game

Please read before downloading

What is this games problem I mean I get chat silenced again for inappropriate speaking and I did again nothing because I was at a birthday party and did nothing I did not even bring my iPad. And it’s dated wrong. So I’m assuming that the third time it’s permanent I don’t know what is happening but I think that it’s a singular attack by a hacker and I’m sick of it. Now their saying it’s the second time when it’s actually the first time and it happened because no one bothers to read the manuals so I never knew and it happened for the second time for no reason per blue for all I know is responsible for this so per blue if this happens again and it’s permanent I’ll have no choice but to off load the game


It’s a pretty fun game, but, just like every other cell phone game, they just want your money. There are $100 dollar deals frequently for things not even close to worth that much. It also quickly gets to the point that it takes many days to progress minor attributes. Basically Disney’s auto battler clone so they could make a dollar.

Few issues but fun

It is a really fun game, and I love that it has Disney heroes. The game has a few issues, like the chat is a bit annoying and inappropriate. Players should have the option the mute the chat. The fact that people can’t do much without paying money is an issue as well. I realize that most games offer a lot less without pay, but I just wanted to point that issue out. Over all I think the game is really fun. I usually get bored of a game quickly and stop playing, but I have been playing this game for a while and it hasn’t got boring.

This game is great but it needs a new character (screenslaver)

Just saying,you should really add the screenslaver as a character in the game

Disney game built for whales

Title is exactly what I think about the game; it’s taking kids characters, and putting them into a mobile game revolving around waiting for energy to replenish, new heroes to unlock (many of which take forever, or you can pay and unlock them faster) but you also need to upgrade/level up your heroes you obtain, which takes even longer. The game was fun for a while, I spent 7$ on it and it was a decent deal for all the diamonds I got and the character I unlocked. However, every other day since then they’ve tried pressuring me into more deals with countless offers. Not worth spending more then a couple bucks (which, has hardly gotten me anywhere into the game, unsurprisingly) and the furthest I’ve gotten PvP-wise is Silver 5. Could have been fun, fell flat.

Fun game



I like this game I want more characters added

Unfair, uneven PvP rewards

Save your money and time. This developer thinks it’s ok to awards different max rewards for players in pvp based on random tier assignments. So you could be getting 10-35% less rewards than the next person for playing the same game and time invested.

I like the game, but not the chat

I started this yesterday and it has been pretty great. I love all the characters from Disney and like the story. I played this for hours. But soon enough, I went to see the chat. Some of the chats where weird. A person said “ur mom” but what about that. I just literally froze and stood there. I wish there wasn’t a chat. And also, I think in the future you can add more Disney characters. That’s all what I’m going to say. And the last thing, I’m looking forward to updates. But then Good job.

Love this game

This game is awesome

No no no

Read first this app is terrible it has a global chat and people were saying bad stuff this app doesn’t deserve to have a rating it is fun but the chat is terrible that is why I deleted don’t get it 😡🤬


This game is great. I enjoy it. I do not like the chat.

I love it!

This game is kid-friendly and takes a lot of strategy but it’s really fun! I love it so much I play 24/7! Each level gets harder as you go on, but strategy is key! You have to wait at the end to use the special ability because it has stronger people/animals. It’s really fun and I’m going to recommend it to my friends and family!

So much fun

My friend told me about this game and now I have it and it’s so much fun

Great game but not enough heroes

I’ve been playing this game for about a month now and right after I downloaded it I imidiatly fell in love with it. Me and my sister would just play it in the car and have such a fun time playing together but the only that I’m disappointed about is the amount of heroes like come on there are tons of heroes out there in the Disney world like Big “HERO” Six, Hercules, Robin Hood, Mulan, Brave, Pocahontas, Tarzan, Inspector Gadget, Bolt, Lone Ranger, Inside out, Moana, and a bunch more characters. So if Disney is reading this PLEASE get more characters that would be the best if you had all the movies I’ve listed. Thx

Good game overall

It’s a good game overall but chat makes it lag


my son made and inapp purchase and didn’t receive what he paid for thinking it was a glitch he did it twice and we still haven't received either what we paid for or the money back from both purchases DO NOT GET this game and or pay for anything in the game till they fix whatever the problem be a glitch or them doing it on purpose you guys are disgusting ready to launch a app full of flaws you money hungering fools

Best game ever! But…

I can't find my friend and we really want not play together

In-Game Reward Imbalance

tl;dr: The game “tests” user spending by giving some players literally 10% of the in-game rewards with no way to balance it out or increase it. I played this game since global launch and put some money (and plenty of time) into it, but I’ve since stopped after learning the above practice. The game is certainly enjoyable, playing beloved Disney characters in a rather shallow but still mildly entertaining story. The gameplay is simple, but the team building seemed to be the strategic aspect to keep the gameplay somewhat fun, even if late-game fights varied based on RNG. Despite some faults, it was a fun game. However, some users at some point found some rather disturbing imbalance in the game. The main contentious “P2W” aspect of this game, as with almost any mobile game, is the PvP. Even though this game is not so biased towards F2P players as other games, the premium currency is still valuable and sought after, whether it’s through in-game rewards or real money purchases. Here’s where it got kinda sketchy. The game is split into multiple, separated servers. Purchases with real money for the premium currency (“diamonds”) would be given alongside VIP rings that boost your “VIP rank” providing additional rewards, giving you a leg up on the rest of the player base. The game has a means of getting diamonds for free or reduced prices through offers by Tapjoy or Fyber. Some servers have VIP rings alongside the diamonds. Others did not. This was at least kinda fair as the entire server was affected so everyone was on the same playing field. Cool. That’s fine. But then some people realized that in-game rewards, rewards you actually progressed and worked for with your characters, P2W or not, were wildly imbalanced IN THE SAME SERVER. In the PvP Arena and Coliseum, rewards varied from a maximum for 500 diamonds/day for some players to 50 for others. Hundreds of real dollars worth of diamonds were being given out to random players and others were crippled just for being unlucky. Some have surmised this is to gauge player expenditure based on this handicap, but it’s unfair. Some players receiving 10% of what others get despite doing the same IF NOT MORE is blatantly wrong. It’s one thing to give less or nothing to players based on performance, but if both players are exactly the same, but one player gets 10x more rewards, how long is that actually gonna stay equal? How much did they expect an average player to spend to keep up with the 10x gap? You think this is fair? If you create an account and are lucky to be a 500 diamond player, stick around if you don’t mind this. Again, it’s a fun game without being a massive time sink. But if you’re unlucky you’re gonna be gimped the rest of the lifetime of the game. Your choice. I’m out. Thanks for reading.

Nice Job 👍🏻

This Game is the thing that really keeps me going if I had one choice to play or replay any game I want it would be Disney hero’s ^ | | /—————\ ^=========^ |WALT DISNEY| WORLD

Good game

I downloaded this game because it looks really fun to play but when I got to the game I was addicted to it. That’s not bad! But I don’t like that you have to play a LOT of battles just to unlock more hero’s to battle with. Either way, I’m not saying this is a bad game, I’m just saying I don’t Like this. Xoxo, ixabella

Disappointed Disney Lover

This game starts out fun, but as I played more I realized how greedy it actually is. The core gameplay is decent. Gather up lovable Disney Heroes, watch them battle some bad guys and make them stronger. This alone had me coming back for weeks. Once you start reaching a high level, though, you realize progression is very tightly bound to the money you put into the game. Their contests have almost all been unachievable by anyone not spending big money, and I constantly get notifications for a new $50 deal (which, hilariously, popped up while writing this review). If you have the disposable income to regularly spend hundreds of dollars on this game, I think it would be quite enjoyable. For everyone else, please stay away from this cash grab.

This should be a movie.

It’s a great app to use to make a movie with


I totally think this game was.....BORING!!!!! All u do is nothing and wait until u can press one of ur heroes! LAME I think games should be like..... u should actually PLAY, instead of just sitting there in ur house waiting for the hero! I don’t now why people voted 5 ⭐️stars? In this game u can’t even like litterly actually fight! LAME! 😡BOO!!!!i give this a 1 Star ⭐️ I’m sorry it’s just not my type.

This game

Is amazing I totally recommend it to those gamers out there and people who enjoy playing games its so simple my only complaint is that it easily lowers your battery level and it has really cool graphics and design.


I travel a lot so some games I can play 2-4 times a month because of WiFi but I can play this game 24/7

Chat disabled for minors

As a parent, I’d like chat disabled, and all I can do is disable the notifications.

Unfair arena rewards!

I have been head over heels in love with this game since it came out worldwide, but am now extremely unhappy with the difference in arena rewards. For those who don’t know, all accounts across all servers but server 1 have different top rewards. People in lower brackets are getting more diamonds daily than people in top brackets and they’ve spent real money! It’s one thing if it was all the same on one server, but it seems to be all a matter of chance. I stopped playing my level 57 account and you guys won’t get another dime from me until you make this equal for all!

Waste of time

Pay to win. Not many characters. No strategy because you don’t control the characters. You just have to hope the AI does a better job with your characters. Big waste of time.

Where’s Mickey Mouse?

The game is fine so are the controls but Mickey is the mascot we’re is he? He is not on is he nope 😠😡🤬 put him in!!!!!!

You’ve been warned

Don’t make the mistake others have. They have 3 tiers of rewards for daily cash outs on your arena and coliseum ranks. Check your top rewards and see if you get 50, 175, or 500. If you get less than 500 you’re at a disadvantage. And by disadvantage I mean you must spend real money to match the advantage the people getting 500 are getting. Diamonds aren’t cheap in this game. So imagine someone getting 100-200 more a day than you are. How is that even allowed to happen in a game like this? If they think you’ll spend money to “keep up with the Jones’s” be prepared to do just that! You’ve been warned

Unfair game for players

I just learned that even on the same server, players are randomly assigned into different groups where some people get 10 times more reward in arena than others. This is rediculous and unacceptable .I demand a refund.


This app is so slow. It kept freezing up and I couldn't tap anything. And it is not my phone. This game is fun but it's not fun sometimes cause it keeps freezing up!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 You need to make a update!!!!!!


My son wanted me to download for him he is 3 didn’t know I would be the one stuck on it playing lol

Unfair Arena and Coliseum Awards

I was really enjoying this game until I realized not everyone was receiving the same rewards for coliseum and arena rankings. There were some players earning 10X the rewards I was which is a huge advantage for them. This needs to be addressed and fixed ASAP!!!!

Pixar top game

Hallo everyone ok ok I say this a GOOD game I love the characters and the story but one problem it’s boring I’m not saying it’s bad but it’s like everyone’s like avengers and teenager mutant ninja turtles a dragon ball z but I say it’s like the others but it’s different the different types of characters and cool story it’s not others I seen but I love the game if u creator are reading this love dis game



Question for the creators

I like the game just fine, I enjoy this style of game and this one is just as good as any of the others. Just wondering if there are plans to release classic Disney characters, such as Aladdin, Pocahontas, Tarzan etc.?

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