Disney Heroes: Battle Mode App Reviews

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i need chinese!!!!

this is a good game. i hope i will get chinese.

Could be better

They should add more characters in this game

Me gusta por que puedo ir a pelear com mi jugadores estrellas

Y es muy fáciljugar

This is a fabulous exhilarating Disney game.

The game is really great, and super fun to play. I would like to see some more Disney characters, like Rapunzel or Frozen etc. But, then again, the game is great and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next.


I love this game and it’s the only thing I can get so thank you

Ok Game

Why can’t I see baymax and Hiro harmana it doesnt make sense.

It’s just like dragon soul

If you liked dragon soul and you like Disney you’ll love this cuz it’s literally JUST like dragon soul

Boa boa boa


i love it

dope game

Guild help

Hi, so I have two different games going. One on my phone and one on my iPad. But I can not find my guilds when I try to look each other’s up. Please help.


Really enjoy

I love this!

I enjoy this game so much and I hope they add Melody & Ariel into this. We haven’t seen Melody in so long.

Best mobile game I’ve ever played, I have some suggestions

It’s honestly a blast collecting my favorite Disney characters and turning them into killing machines. I love that there’s multiple game modes to keep you busy, well balanced combat, a great setup for guilds and most importantly ZERO ADS. I hate ads and the way they disrupt an experience so hats off to Disney for not using them. I do have some gripes though: firstly, things get a bit tedious once you reach about team level 50. The heist adds some fun new flavor, but as a non VIP it starts to get pretty boring going back to the same campaign spots again and again to get the badges I need. I would like to see a wider variety of game modes, or at least more ways to twist the existing ones. City Watch, for example, is splendid but gets repetitive after awhile as you can’t really change much. I also sincerely hope Disney continues to add new characters to keep things interesting. Finally STOP MAKING SOME CHARACTERS VIP EXCLUSIVE. VIPs already have a crazy advantage in this game. I’m ok with the idea that being a VIP makes life easier, but we should get access to the same content, even if it’s really really hard, we should have some way that we can unlock Stitch or Genie.

Great game

My only dislike is the chat. Make it possible to disable chat. Plssssssssssssssssssssss

The best game of its kind

I’ve played nearly all of the other character collecting RPG type games like this and Disney Heroes: Battle Mode absolutely takes the cake. They’ve gone completely above and beyond my expectations. The little nuances make the game, such as the “lucky” that can happen when purchasing gold with diamonds (it makes me want to buy more gold because I want to get “lucky!”) The addition of friendships is so incredibly fun! The contests that the game puts on makes me want to play nonstop! And the guilds (guild perks specifically) make me want to play with my guild as much as possible. And then, I can do Fyber or Tapjoy offers to get more diamonds. Truly well done Disney. My absolute favorite mobile game right now.

Level Cap

City Watch Hard Mode District 5, Level 1 with Level 104 Enemies? We just got to 80! Chill out guys! We’re not there yet.

Add lotso

Add some new 5 star hero’s


Why all the updates it is really annoying.



Needs more characters

Need to add more characters other than that it's great

Good game

Fun for kids


Would be better if the fighting was not auto we need to be more involved


This game is fun

Seems fun

Cool game!!



Connection is terrible

Fix your connection problems and stop rebooting servers daily. Redundancy at its worst. Good game, but you must pay more for QA before launching something like this. Embarrassing for Disney, or whoever owns you now.

Fix Heist

I understand it’s a new mode but it’s a jumbled mess and more annoying than fun

In chat they put scams

I love the game I really do. But i don't like the way people put scams. Like “this site gives you to get 3000 diamonds just put in password in.” Its really bad for this game because your well get disliked and nobody will play this wonderful game. And thats the only problem just fix it. Please!

Winners vs whiners

Okay, i am peeved that there are so many whiners that give 3 stars or lower. Their complaints are either the chat function or the premium in-game currency. Well grow up! First off you do not have to read any chat at all. The chat feature is made so you actually have to go in and connect to it, unlike other games of this type where the chat function is always open and you cannot mute it. The chat has to be intentionally opened. Second VIP, you do not have to spend money! I have found that you can play this game and not spend money. This may take more work and i respect the players who play this game and do not spend money and still get the top ranks in the coliseum or the arena, and have great global rankings. Then there are those that pay. Just because they pay does not mean they have advantages over others. My but got kicked in the coliseum and arena whether i bought premium in-game currency or not. I was leveling up in both about the same as well. The arena and coliseum only use a few of the heroes. And in-game premium currency cannot make them any stronger than the team level. You cannot raise your team level any faster with premium currency. This is one awesome game! I have played others which were all about the chat and premium currency, this one is not. It is nice to play a game where my butt is not kicked all the time in pvp. And that leveling up heroes with levels, stars, or color groups is not a fight because some stuff is locked away in premium containers!

Good but not Great

Disney and Pixar has done a good job with this game and I love the format. But what’s the point of having a good game that I can only log on to once a day for 10ish minutes and then be told that the servers can’t connect. So I end up waiting several hours sometimes an entire day before it lets me log back in.

Download Loop Issue

Please, fix this. The second there is an update it seems like the whole game wants to crash. I’ve had this happen more than once and it ruins the experience when you can’t do anything except sit and wait for it to be fixed.

The surveys are a scam on this game

Dont waste your time on the surveys for diamonds on this app. They get ur info and cancel right at the end and you wont get diamonds!

Can’t stop playing!!

I can’t stop playing this game. Lots of fun and they keep updating it to keep it exciting. I’m really hoping they add some Disney Afternoon characters like Darkwing Duck, Launchpad, and Gizmoduck!

It tells me I need to update when I already have.

Upset I can’t play my new favorite game, it keeps saying I need to update it. Then when I look at my App Store,.. nothing, I click on Disney hereof battle and nothing but the words open..

Ugh... the chat is .....

Ok, the game itself is fun... it's cute, it's fun, it's Disney... the storyline is actually pretty good... I like that it's not based off of the more "popular" Disney characters... in fact, after playing the game for a few hour the first day, it literally made me want to dig out my Reck it Ralph blue ray and watch it again... which I did lol... then upon returning to the game something really struck me... there are sooooo many little kids under the age of 12-13 in The world chat... the VIP chat isn't any better either... I don’t want to block everyone because then chats don’t make sense when you only get part of the conversations... there has to be some way to put the kids in one place and the adults in another... and believe me, d are a lot more adults that people think there are that are playing this game... off my soap box now!


If you love Disney and Fighting Mobile Games than this Game is for you from the beginning it becomes very addictive


Fun app, enjoy playing it.


This with out a doubt a five if not more a five star rating


I didn’t get my free hero >:(

Add cars 🏎 characters plz!

Add cars do it🏎

Annoying player keeps badgering & harassing other players

There’s a player with the username system formally Miss Eva, that keeps trying to get other players to visit some website to get 3000 diamonds. She says the name of the site is MYDISNEY.US I think she is trying to scam the other players & me. A lot of other people that play the game are getting frustrated & annoyed at system. Please do something ASAP. Thanks

Fix part of the chat log

This is a great game except for the fact that every single time someone chats it shows but other then that its a great game.

Please provide an option to turn off chat

I enjoy this game a lot but please provide a way of to disable chat!

It's So fun

It's so Fun But I hate how moana is added!

So good

I have been playing this game for about 9 weekends it is so fun and it has chat omg so good 5 stars so good 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏bravo I am glad I did get it 👏👏👏👏👏👏

So glad I can turn global chat off

After a while the chat system can get annoying when you’re trying to play so it’s good that I can mute it if I want too!

Ready to quit

I’m reaching the point where I no longer enjoy this game. It started off highly entertaining, but facing level 90-105 bots when I’m capped at 75 is straight up BULL. This isn’t fair and it’s sucking the fun out of the game.

Heist not working

Heist play keeps saying coming soon, even though it is advertised as being accessible to play now. PLEASE FIX!!!

Awesome game, but please read!

This game is awesome and I’ve been playing since launch. Hoping developers read this and make October a villain release month. Thanks!

Awesome but will like newer character

Don’t get me wrong I love this game I just feel that they should add newer characters like Spider-man he is still around or something awesome like Pooh someone from cars I don’t know I just feel they should add newer and more characters.

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